Attend the first ever
 Auto Film Growth Conference

Uncover the 7-Figure Business Strategies that industry leaders are using to Grow their
PPF Business in 2022 and Beyond...

Discover how the top performers are
building multiple 7-figure shops

Build the Tint, PPF, Wrap (and so much more!) business of your dreams!

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Auto Film Growth Conference OCT 31st, 2022  

This is a one-day Business-only event 

OCT 31st, 2022 from (9am-6pm PST)

Resorts World Las Vegas, NV

Business Growth Only


Extended Early Bird Price (Expires SEPT 30, 2022)


(Price after SEPT 30, 2022)

  • Learn advanced sales strategies and overcome sales objections.
  • How to structure your shop sales process (Sales Process Copy is included)
  • How to handle sales conversions and overcome sales objections (Sale Scripts Copy is included) 
  • How to price your services and present them to customers like a pro (Services Pricing Menu is included)
  • Advanced marketing strategies for scaling your PPF business.
  • Business-oriented Q&A session.
  • And much more TBD
YES! Save My Seat!

Uncover Back-to-back
Growth Strategies and Hacks
From Real Industry Experts.

So you can Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Ryan Tounsley owner of Protective Film Solutions will be one of our 
Main Keynote Speakers at this year's AFGC.

Ryan will share his secrets on how he built a successful team to create Protective Film Solutions. 

Develop an Amazing company culture to create an unstoppable team.

Building your team to become an Owner and not an operator.  

Enhance your leadership skills to scale larger than you ever imagined.

Joe will reveal all of his sales secrets he used to build his multiple 7 Figure Shop OCDetailing in Fremont CA.
Joe will be covering sales starting from scratch all the way to selling multiple six-figure per month. 
Increase your average ticket size, overcome the sticker shock objective.
And even learn how to build a sales team to do it for you.

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Common Questions

� Where is the conference located?

The Auto Film Growth Conference will be located at Resort World 3000 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

� How far is the conference from SEMA?

The conference is located at Resort World Las Vegas which is about 1 mile away from the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is the ONLY resort that’s connected to SEMA by the underground Tesla Loop!!

� What should I do about lunch?

Resort World Las Vegas has over a dozen restaurants and quick bite options on-site.

� Do you offer bulk ticket pricing?

Yes, email [email protected] for bulk ticket pricing for any orders of 4 or more tickets.

� Should I bring my team?

It's highly recommended to bring anyone on your team that's currently in the following roles: Management, sales, marketing, and/or any leadership position. 

� Are we allowed to record audio/video during the conference?

No, recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures!

� Are Covid-19 restrictions enforced?

Masks requirements will be up to the discretion of the guest but will not be required.