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Welcome to "90 Day Tinter" Course the definitive online course crafted specifically for window tint business owners and managers. This program is designed to transform your business operations by streaming your hiring and training process. Discover, Implement and Grow.

Why Do I Need this Course?

Feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind of running your window tinting business? Our Complete System offers the perfect escape. Break free from the operational bottleneck constraining your growth. With our course, industry experts will train your team, allowing you to reclaim your time and concentrate on strategies to significantly increase your revenue. Embrace a proven process to replace yourself in the operational aspects today and see your business soar.

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Let The Expert Train Your Team

Learn directly from industry experts with our online window tint course. This online video course simplifies mastering window tint installation, offering step-by-step guidance from top professionals. It's designed to give your window tint business a competitive edge, providing all the knowledge and techniques at your fingertips, ensuring you're equipped for success.

Streamline Your Tinting Business

Our course is a game-changer for window tint business owners, offering a structured, week-by-week guide that sets clear, achievable goals for your trainees. This approach, combined with the flexibility of self-paced learning, ensures your team gains the skills they need efficiently. It's a proven system backed by expert guidance, designed to streamline your operations and propel your tinting business to success in the competitive window tinting market.

Reclaim Your Time, Grow Your Business

This course is your ticket to freedom, allowing you to step back from the day-to-day training and installation tasks that consume your time. By implementing our system, you replace yourself in these roles, freeing up your schedule to focus on strategic growth areas. It's an opportunity to reclaim your valuable time and direct your efforts towards expanding your window tint business, enhancing profitability, achieving long-term success, all while ensuring your team becomes proficient window tint installers under expert guidance.

Train New Installers Anytime

Transform your approach to training with our "plug and play" window tinting training solution, designed to make the process scalable and efficient. Eliminate the need for costly travel and reduce turnover rates by adopting our streamlined training program. Our streamlined training program is a cost-effective, efficient strategy to consistently train new window tint installers, directly impacting your revenue and propelling your window tint business to unprecedented heights.

So… What’s Actually Inside Of

"90 Day Tinter" Course?

  • Begin with the Basics: Kickstart your journey with foundational knowledge in window tinting lingo and essential tools, from knives to heat guns, setting the stage for professional growth in the tinting business.
  • Hands-On Techniques: Gain mastery in both plotting and hand cutting for all window types, ensuring precision and excellence in every tint job, boosting your window tint business's reputation and quality.
  • Advanced Shrinking Skills: Learn advanced shrinking techniques for different glasses, enhancing efficiency and installation quality. Master traditional, pocket, and snap shrinking to elevate your service offerings.
  • Real-World Applications: Achieve installation excellence with diverse methods like two-stage, reverse roll, and Frankenstein installs, preparing you to tackle any vehicle model with confidence and skill.
  • Scalability Secrets: Unlock Scalability Secrets with ongoing expert training designed to efficiently produce skilled window tint installers on demand, ensuring your shop's capacity to grow meets customer demand seamlessly.
  • Professional Development for Owners and Managers: Designed for business growth, learn effective hiring practices, set clear installer expectations, and establish achievable goals for new trainees, ensuring a competent and motivated team.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: Maximize your learning with an interactive experience; our courses feature comment sections for dynamic Q&A. Engage directly with instructors and peers, enriching your knowledge in a collaborative environment that encourages active participation and shared learning.
  • Continuous Support and Resources: Benefit from continuous support and stay ahead of industry trends with exclusive access to our Facebook community. Here, share insights, ask questions, and connect with peers in the window tinting industry.
  • Leadership, growth, and mentorship: Enhance your leadership with ongoing mentorship programs tailored for window tint business owners and managers, focusing on strategic growth, operational excellence, and team leadership skills.

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Unlock the complete package to train new window tint installers and elevate your window tint business in just 90 days…

Create a predictable system!

Hand Cutting

Precision hand cutting ensures custom fitment for every vehicle, enhancing the overall quality of the tint job

Heat Shrinking

Proper heat shrinking prevents bubbles and wrinkles, ensuring a smooth, flawless finish on curved windows

Edge Sealing

Sealing the edges of the tint film prevents peeling and water intrusion, prolonging the life of the tint

Two Stage Installation

This technique is essential for vehicles with tight-fitting seals, reducing the risk of light gaps

Wet Application Method

Utilizing a wet application method allows for easier positioning and adjustment of the tint film on the glass

Reverse Roll Installation

The reverse roll method facilitates a cleaner install on larger windows like back glass, minimizing contamination

Dry Shrink Preparation

Dry shrink prep is key for a perfect fit on compound curved windows, reducing installation time and errors

Peel Board Cutting

Using a peel board for cutting film enhances precision and speed, especially for repetitive patterns

Snap Shrinking

Snap shrinking is a quick method to shrink film on curved windows, improving efficiency and fit

Micro Edge Technique

Achieving a micro edge ensures a virtually invisible tint edge, increasing customer satisfaction with the aesthetic

Frankenstein Install

This method is particularly useful for back windows, allowing for easier handling and positioning of large film pieces

Bottom Load Installation

Bottom loading protects the film from contamination by the window seals, ensuring a cleaner install.

Double Cutting

Double cutting saves time by cutting two patterns simultaneously, ideal for matching windows on both sides of a vehicle

Cold Stretch Method

Cold stretching is vital for fitting the film to slight curves without the need for heat, preserving film integrity

Light Gap Minimization

Minimizing light gaps ensures a seamless look, enhancing the vehicle's appearance and the tint's effectiveness

Hard Card

A hard card tool is essential for tucking film edges and working film into tight spots, ensuring a flawless finish

Squeegee Techniques

Mastering squeegee techniques is crucial for removing water and air, securing the tint perfectly to the window

Cleaning and Prep

Proper cleaning and preparation of the window surface are critical for avoiding dirt and debris under the film 

Creased Film

It refers to unwanted wrinkles or folds in the tint film that occur during installation, compromising the smooth appearance and clarity of the tinted window

Removal and Replacement

Knowing how to properly remove old tint and replace it is crucial for maintaining the quality and legality of window tinting

Knives Techniques

Mastering knife techniques in window tinting is crucial for achieving precise cuts and clean edges, ensuring the film fits perfectly without damaging the vehicle's windows or the film itself.

Transitional Shrinking

Smoothly conforming the film to curved windows, ensuring a flawless, bubble-free finish by gradually adapting the film's size and shape to the glass surface.

Film Plotting

Its precision in cutting custom film patterns, significantly reducing waste and installation time while ensuring a perfect fit for various window shapes and sizes.

Frameless Technique

Achieve a seamless and precise application on frameless windows, ensuring durability and a flawless aesthetic without damaging the window's edges or the tint film.

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